Discussion materials


Week 1 Download the whole Week One
Day A Genesis 1 – 2:4a Read
Day B Canticle of the Sun, Saint Francis of Assisi Read
Day C John 1, 1-23 Read
Day D The Nightingale And Glow-Worm, William Cowper Read
Day E Song of Songs Read
Day F To a Mouse, Robert Burns Read
Week 2  Download the whole Week Two
Day A Dream of the Rood, in translation from the Anglo Saxon Read
Day B Psalm 19 Read
Day C Laudato Si’, Pope Francis Read
Day D Psalm 148 Read
Day E Barkskins Read
Day F Mark 4 Read
Week 3  Download the whole Week Three
Day A Historical Roots of our Ecological Crisis, Lyn White Jr Read
Day B Romans 8 Read
Day C Silent Spring, Rachel Carson Read
Day D Genesis 11 Read
Day E The Mad Farmer Liberation Front, Wendell Berry Read
Day F Exodus 16 Read
Week 4  Download the whole Week Four
Day A Cosmos Read
Day B Mark 4 Read
Day C Water is Life, A Rocha Read
Day D Isaiah 40 Read
Day E H is for Hawk Read
Day F Luke 4 Read
Week 5  Download the whole Week Five
Day A The New Story, Thomas Berry Read
Day B Jeremiah 4 Read
Day C Creation and Covenant, N.T. Wright Read
Day D Jonah 4 Read
Day E God in Creation, Moltmann Read
Day F Revelation 22 Read


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